C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma : Metal has Accessories

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Metal buildings now offers the dream C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma home for the DIY man in the family. It is called the Canadian Valley. The Canadian Valley has a shop with the square footage of 260 feet and the home with the square footage of 40 ft., with the total being 300 square feet. You know this plan had the type of man in mind that spends more time in his shop than in his house. OR maybe he has his own business. To have a home with a shop this large, you must be married to a wonderful, wonderful, woman. Middle America steel would love you to contact them at 1-866-200-5211.

The Canadian Valley has a front C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma porch the length of the width of the house. You walk into the front door thru your front porch and you enter the living space. You can stand in one spot and see the dining room and the kitchen. Get in contact with middle America steel This would be called a great room. This comes with a ceiling fan. Which is an upgrade.

The great room is open to your kitchen and your kitchen has an eye a bar that extends where you can put for 5 bar stools. C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma That has a window that overlooks the side of the house. You go from there to the guest bath and in 2 bedroom 1 or bedroom to. To the right of the great space and Beyond the kitchen is your utility work your washer and dryer would be and some storage.

The main focus of the Canadian Valley is the shop since the shop is such a big square footage there is there is absolutely no limit to what you could actually put in there or doing their. And it has to overhead garage doors. So if you were to use it just for storage for your cars or, or your boat you have plenty of room. Now I have had a neighbor that had a woodworking shop. He made his living in his shop once he is retired. I also know someone that has a large shop like this and he just creates things in it. He made a smoker from scratch. He has several refrigerators in his shop and cools it with large fans.
Something else this large shop is good for is for Storage. Storage of a pontoon boat, sailboat and motorcycles. This would depend on what your sport hobby is. If you race cars you can you can store more than one race car and this.

If you happen to race cars this is a great place to shop is a great thing to have because of all the detail work you would do all. The resurfacing of the car that you would do they have to have the engine out lot of times. Place to store all your tires. The good thing about one of the good things about the size of the shop if you can have more than one person in there and it won’t be crowded. If you did have race cars, You could have a tire crew. You could include an engine crew in an engine crew work area. Give middle America steel a call today at 1-866-200-5211.

C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma ; Metal Colors

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Middle America steel has created metal buildings with the company that provides C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma to suit your every need. Most steel buildings are boring. But Middle America feel has given you a selection of colors for you to choose from. One thing you can do as you can choose to use two colors you can have the top VA charcoal and then accent the bottom with a burnished slate. Or you could do polar on top and use rusted from the bottom. All you have to do is give middle America steel and call today at 1-866-200-5211.

These C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma come in crimson rustic burgundy brown as a few of the colors. I would call the colors of passion. The Crimson will stand out and definitely look more Christmasy. If you’re more of a rustic type person I would choose the color rustic. It looks to me as if it appears to be a barn red color. And also you also have the choice of burgundy the burgundy has a little bit of a purple Hue to it.

C Purlins | Metal Buildings Oklahoma comes in cool colors also. Polar which is very close to White. The blues Gallery in Hawaiian. The difference between gallery and Hawaiian would be one is dark and one is light. The hole in color is a very soft baby father compared to the gallery which was a bold color cobalt blue color. Two other cool colors would be your grace it’s a like grapes called grapes. There’s also a darker gray which is called charcoal. You don’t want to forget it you wanted your darkest colors which is burnished slate it would be considered a very dark grey. It’s a beautiful beautiful hue.

Now we move on to the warm colors. You have a light Stone. Which looks like a cream and I love Dusty cream. Also comes in desert and tan. Tan reminds me of khaki pants. The desert is more of a Great Gray and tan. Something you can do with these lighter color that really don’t have a lot of room to your metal building. What you can do is use several colors you can use. You can use a dark color on the bottom. With an accent of a light color on top. You can do several stripes.

Now we move on to the greens we have hunter green and Forest Green and colony. Hunter green is a rich green that looks more like a just a True Green dark green. Forest green has a bit of a black in it it’s actually extremely dark. Calling me on the other hand has a lot of grey in it is a much softer Colonial Country looking green. The rest of the colors that I have not mentioned would be like it’s just brown. Brown is just an all-around color you can use it for anything. This happens to be a rich brown which looks like it has a lot of shades of red added to it. So all together you’ve got 16 colors in the Middle America steel building colors first choice for colors. Give middle America steel a call today at 1-866-200-5211 to get your metal.