Steel Framed Technical Info

Middle America Steel’s Residential Steel Framed Home Standards

Due Diligence Check Lists:


Buy American Act Compliant

Code: IBC 2006 / Category IV / Exposure C / L/240 Deflections

Loads: 20# LL / 20# Snow / 100 MPH Wind / 7# Collateral

4:12 – 6:12 roof pitches.

Bolt together pre-engineered beam rafters & 8” engineered beam columns for flush exterior walls.

Pre-engineered beam portal frame wind bracing used.

8”16 gauge red-iron zee purlin ceiling system w/ 20 gauge galvanized hat section on 16” centers.  

Unique double 8”cee channel top wall plate set at finished ceiling height.

8”18 gauge Galvanized structural steel (CSJ) exterior wall studs on 16” centers.

8”18 gauge Double jambs at every door and window location.

8” 18 gauge tracks with ½”x 3” wedge bolts every 3’.

3 5/8” 20 gauge galvanized steel interior studs and tracks are pinned every 3’.

¼” reflective foil/foil house wrap and vapor barrier even over porches and overhangs.

(R-25) 8” formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation in walls and ceiling of living area.

26 gauge silicone-polyester paint 40 year warranty roof and wall panels.

Mastic sealant at all roof and wall lap seams and between concrete and tracks.

26 gauge soffit panels with vented panels every 12’.

Continuous vented ridge cap and residential trim package.   

Underwriters Laboratories Class 90 Wind Uplift Rating and UL Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating.

Fully insured Professional steel erection.


**Note: This is a steel-framed home. It is not a metal home, metal building home, pole barn home or any other hybrid residential dwelling! Anything you can do with a conventional home you can do with a  steel-framed home. The structure is what sets us apart from a conventional wood framed home. Our homes are stronger, more efficient, more environmentally friendly (greener), and requires less maintenance than a conventional wood framed home.  Educate your insurance agents and financial representatives. You do not have to take no for an answer!**